Thursday, June 23, 2011

Its been a busy month but I thought I would take some time a give a little bit of a back story of this crazy bus. Back in 2008 after we had spent a year living in the Philippines we came home not knowing what to do with ourselves. We knew that we wanted to do something as a family, i.e. Family business but didn't know what. We had been living down in Oregon for a while and there was a coffee shop on every corner ( not like Tim's) but just a shack that served coffee and baking. They also had a double decker bus that we would go to every morning for coffee and thought it was such a great idea.
Fast forward a year later and the seed was planted. I started looking around for a bus and spent 6 months researching the idea, put together a business plan and then got funding. One day I happen to see this " running double decker" on Ebay and jumped at it. I won it in the last 10 seconds outbidding another guy from Florida. At this point it was no turning back and I had to make this thing work. My wife has thought and still thinks We are insane!! I spent about a year and a half slowly renovating and Voila! Cool Beans was born.
Here are some before and after pics

Thanks to all those who have come out and supported us as a family, we are very grateful


  1. Hi there
    Thought I'd let you know that I popped in for my cool beans Toffee coffee while I was vacationing at my sisters and I LOVE YOU GUYS. Posted a few pics on my Facebook profile and had tons of comments so told everyone to go visit you....

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