Saturday, June 4, 2011

We are pushing 3 weeks in business and the feed back has been awesome! We are actually having a lot of fun despite working long hours. Even in spite of the fact that we were broken into on the 30th. You must be thinking that we are really upset and stressed that we were broken into but somehow it feels like we should milk it for all it's worth. So basically this guy showed up at the bus at about 9:30pm and began to survey the area. First he tried to pull the main doors open but realizing they were locked he moved on to the sliding window. Now I am no genius when it comes to bus security and definitley not an expert at locking a sliding window. He managed to pull hard enough that the sliding window slid right open ( since remedied). Pulled himself in and moved right to the back of the bus where the fridges are and began to spend about 2 minutes working at something. Then he came back to the sliding window and scooted out with what looked like a take-out container. Meanwhile passing all the tip money and Abby's jar of money she has earned. Never mind all the things he could have taken. Here we have a thief that breaks into our bus and steals a Panini! I have included some pics from the video footage which I have included on our fanpage on Facebook and Twitter. I am thinking this would make a great Campaign!

In he goes

Out he comes with his sandwich



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  1. Must have heard the news and just had to taste a Panini. So now you have a booming business and a ministry feeding the hungry!

  2. What the heck! Guess you're going to have to extend your hours or maybe even have a bin on the outside of the bus that you can put food for those really NEEDING it! Could be a kind of ministry (and you'd get lots of press over that too) Anyway, glad it wasn't any worse, but it is still a little threatening. Don't know if you remember, but we had a break-in and theft at the studio just before we finished renovations. Perhaps it's a sign that all will be just great! Love you!