Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week one

So it has been a crazy week. We had no idea what to expect in terms of traffic and when we opened on Monday we had only a few people wonder by when they saw the doors opened. As the day went by we got more and more traffic. All the feedback ws awesome, people loved everything about it. As the week progressed we got more and more traffic and a lot of regulars. They love the coffee, and pretty much everything is a big hit. Everyone loves the smoothies and we introduce Huckleberry Lemonade and have a hard time keeping up. By the time Friday rolled around we were crazy busy and had a line up for like 2 hours! Saturday was even busier and we ran out of coffee filters and Shawna drove to Calgary to pick some up for us. We made a few mistakes and had to eat crow a few times and hand out some free coffee coupons but people loved us anyways. Tammy has been helping all week too. Xander has been helping before and after school and Jesse every other day. Abby has been a huge help also as a runner and handing out food and wiping tables. Sunday was a little quiet but we had all our friends come and hangout. Ed and Carmen have been by everyday and have been big supporters (and errand runs too!). We have had many regulars ( sometimes 2 or 3 times a day!) and have been tweeted about and even have had a blog done, all in the first week. I even had the Mayor come and shake my hand and tell me he was very happy to have us downtown. We also got permission to use the upstairs which was a huge relief. We have had many people fighting for us which is awesome. Chester, who owns Chester Chips, runs besides us and his wife Richelle runs a commercial kitchen and bakes us fresh cakes and muffins every other day. We are also going Open a homemade icecream sandwich shop in the building. Richelle will make 5 or 6 kinds of cookies and we will make ice cream sandwiches. That should cover all our expenses ( we hope).

I've included some links of our news worthy venture!

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  1. Makes me wish we were close enough to stop by!

  2. So WONDERFUL and encouraging! I am so proud of you and miss sharing the excitement with you, but sure do appreciate the blog so I can see what's happening. Isn't it great how there is such grace for your efforts during the first week! Love you guys! Will email soon; been a crazy week here in Kona!
    LOVE to you ALL!

  3. Are you worried about anything in your coffee shop that might lead to legal action? I'd be worried about hot coffee spilling on someone. I have a friend who is a lawyer that told me about similar situations to the hot coffee incident that he's had to deal with. Hopefully nothing like this happens at your shop. Good luck, I wish you the best!

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