Saturday, May 14, 2011

Coffee Anyone!!

I can't believe it's finally ready! 2 years of work and it's all come together.
We will be open at noon on Monday to start as the plumber needs to finish a couple of things then it's crazy time. We have a met an awesome couple (Richelle and Chester) who own a commercial kitchen across the street and a chip truck are going to park the chip truck beside the bus and will bake all our fresh baking everyday. It looks like we may be opening an ice cream sandwich shop in the building to compliment the business. Richelle will make fresh cookies, 6 different kinds, and you can have different kinds of ice cream in the middle. Low overhead and super easy.
Here are some pics of the patio.

We put a big fan upstairs in the front as it gets a little hot

This last pic is for you Mom. I was thinking about dad today :)

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  1. Kevin: It looks AMAZING! CONGRATULATIONS! I notice the phone through the window, and the "allergies" sign as well. Is the Richelle you are referring to of "Richelle's Catering"? What a great add-on to your offerings! And a chip truck - shades of London! I love the Sir Rodney, and it touches my heart in ways I can't say - your Dad would be so happy to have something finally named after him (LOL!). Thanks for updating, especially on this day! LOVE & HUGS!!

  2. Congrats, Kevin! Best o'luck to ye! Wish I was closer to try the offerings.

    Keep us posted on your success.


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