Monday, May 2, 2011


I realize that it’s been a while with a post but unfortunately I had to put the bus on the back burner for now. In April my mom was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Not sure what the short term future holds but I felt the bus would be a huge investment in time that I didn’t have right now. So in the mean time I am still scouting out a place for the bus but just as time allows. I will definitely let you all know when and where but for now .......



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  2. Thx for shating kevin. My name is april. I met u while the bus was at the collicu
    I saw that it was not diwnyown so i came here ti see what happened. I am eooo seorty tohear of yomo
    md illnwss. Pls know we will be thinkung if u and praying for u. I know u speak to many people but i appreciated your friendliness greatly. My boy asks about the bus and i will exolain to him now
    Hes only 4 but hes alittle prayer warrior.Gid is good and he has a plann blessings from the duecks

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