Monday, May 2, 2011

Now we begin the arduous journey of City approval. lots of inspections and reports before coffee gets served. Today the plumber finished plumbing in the bus and water pressure is awesome. Tomorrow, the electrician wires it in and we have lift off! Jesse and I spent the day cleaning theback of the building which was crazy dirty bevause ithad been empty for 2 years. We managed to fill 16 bags of leaves and garbage. Xander and Jonathon painted the building to match the bus and it looks great. Also a friend, Joe and I planted some great Cedars in funky pots to green up the place a bit.


  1. Kevin! I am so happy that you are on the road to success (pardon the pun)! The bus looks great, and so does the building. I'm praying for success for you, and for PEACE (so you can stop woofing your cookies and get some sleep). I love you all! Mom T.

  2. And a chip truck - shades of London! I adore the Sir Rodney,

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