Saturday, May 7, 2011

Getting a Flow

So far so good.... We have the bus sitting in a downtown lot for a week and have nobody smash a window! We are slowing figure out how to be the most efficient in the little amount of space we have and it's going to be tough. As you can see it's a little crowded

We also had our menu sign made up and it looks awesome!

We also decorated the bathroom. Just remember #thesearenotintendedtobefactualpictures

Next we have all the City inspections, yikes!


  1. Looks awesome! Wish I were there to sample something that you would make especially for me! Are you having Soy &/or Rice Milk? Speaking of "flow" was at the volcano Saturday. Am working on my blog update real soon (as in the next hour or so).
    LOVE & HUGS!

  2. Shawna has been giving me updates and reminders of the bus... so for 8 months I've been waiting for a cuppa joe. Hours?
    Best wishes and looking forward to meeting you.